AROCA's 2013 annual national meeting 

Capital Alfesta - Canberra 2013

The Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of Australia (AROCA) convenes an annual national meeting for Alfisti called “Alfesta” - the Alfa Festival.

The privilege of hosting Alfesta is rotated each year among the AROCA Divisions. The first Alfesta occurred in 1975 with the early ones held over the Queen's Birthday weekend. The tradition, that is now well established, is for Alfesta to be held over Easter and always at a different venue.

Alfesta participants gather for four days of automotive, social and cultural activities; often including tours and visits to local scenic or historic attractions as well as an observation trial, a show ‘n shine (Concorso d’Eleganza) and finally a formal dinner with guest speaker.

The dinner also provides a fitting occasion for presentation of the coveted Alfesta Awards: Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy;  Harry and Joan Lewis Spirit of Alfesta Award;  Ray Sharp Memorial Trophy;  and acknowledgement of any otherwise meritorious or noteworthy achievement by attendees during Alfesta.

If you are an Alfista, join us at Capital Alfesta in Canberra over Easter in 2013.

Download the AROCA & Alfesta information brochure (PDF): [click here]

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